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We have happy peckers!

-   OUR STORY  -

Many years ago my wife and I went to a fall festival and purchased a yard bird that was made of scrap metal -- a rooster that sat on a spring. We sat this bird in the garden just off the porch thinking that this was a perfect yard ornament for us! Every time I would leave the house with my wife I would give it a tap with my foot and say, “My cock is a red head” or “My cock is a little wobbly today” while walking to the car and chuckling as the rooster sits and wobbles. My wife’s reaction was to roll her eyes and tell me to stop acting like a teenager. My antics went on for years and years. Our yard ornament has now been with us for over 23 years. It has weathered many storms, been tossed around, put in storage, taken out of storage, and looks a little less than “perfect”. Now, I guess it would be appropriate for me to say, “My cock is a little rusty”. Apparently my wife’s aggravation knows no end. Laughter is good for the soul. Life is too short to take everything so


To create an exceptional product used to assist men with the promotion of creating healthy skin and hair follicles for the development of full beard growth all while adding a little humor to the world because laughter doeth good like a medicine (Proverbs 17:22).


Our faith-based company is built on a strong Christian foundation. Our products are created with all-natural ingredients and are prayed over during the production process because we believe in the power of prayer. We take pride in our integrity, our honesty, and our commitment to quality and excellence.


Rusty Cock Ranch is a small egg production company local to Chandler, OK. We are proud to sell our pasture-raised, farm-fresh eggs at our local grocery store in town – Williams Grocery! If you are local to Chandler, go ahead and stop by and grab a dozen or two. You won’t be disappointed!!

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